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Funding the Unfunded

What is Funding the Unfunded?

The Adams 14 Education Foundation provides small amounts of funds for creative approaches to enhance student achievement or expand student-learning opportunities through projects not typically supported by traditional school funding. Only applicants who fit the criteria can submit an application for their funds. After submission, a committee of Foundation board members will review the application and decided on the award amount. The award can range from $300 to $1,500 per project. To learn more about the program, check the guidelines below.

In 2020, the Foundation provided funding to purchase a classroom rug for the kindergarteners. Ms. Gamburg used this rug to help with supporting “a classroom full of wiggly 5-year-olds…”


All Adams County School District 14 employees. Teams of employees are welcome to apply as one applicant. Funded recipients may only re-apply for one consecutive grant period for the same project. Previous recipients may also submit a grant proposal for a new project

Application Requirement

  • A completed funding application form. Please note that we are requesting impact data to be supplied for funding. An electronic version of the application is preferred.
  • Signature by the applicant and supervisor/principal (submitting by email is considered an electronic signature with cc: to supervisor)
  • A detailed budget showing how the dollars will be spent. You must submit a listing of purchases in accordance with guidelines from the accounting office.
  • Keep the application concise. No more than three pages including the budget. Do not attach any other papers or materials.
  • Successful applicants will be required to complete a brief description of the impact of their project(s) at the end of the grant period and may be expected to share their results at the Adams 14er Fest in May and on the Adams 14 Education Foundation website. Results should include how the funding assisted students in increased competencies via data, i.e. test scores. Photographs are appreciated.


There will be one grant cycle. Applications are due on Tuesday September 19, 2023 at 5:00 P.M. Electronic submissions must be sent to

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