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Developing Tomorrow's Talents

Adams 14 Education Foundation

Imagine a Commerce City where the strengths and contributions of all its citizens are realized; a community where people thrive and enjoy quality lives.  The board members of the Adams 14 Education Foundation believe in this vision, and to achieve it we ask you to join us in our efforts to strengthen the education of our community’s youth.

Imagine your parents work multiple jobs to support their families with little hope for a different future. Perhaps you seek to better yourself by studying hard in school and plan to be the first in your family to obtain a college education.  You dream of improving your life through education, and your family’s lives as well.  Now imagine your school does not have the resources it needs to give you the best education, and you do not have the financial means or support to even consider college.

The board members of the Adams 14 Education Foundation strive to see the world through the eyes of our students.  and, unfortunately, many of them are precisely in the situation described above. Our teachers do not have the classroom tools and resources they need to provide the highest quality education.  Most of our students do not have the means or support to access post-secondary educational opportunities.

So imagine instead of being a student in a community and school district where studying and hard academic work is tangibly rewarded with a better future; where being a first-generation college student is not just attainable but realistic and expected.  Imagine schools sufficiently resourced to serve every single student, and opportunities for all to realize their college aspirations.

With the help of business leaders and community members, we can work together to change reality for many Commerce City students.  Your support of the Adams 14 Education Foundation will enhance our ability to supplement the tools our teachers need to provide the very best education for all of our students.  Your help will increase the resources for students transitions transitioning from high school to post-secondary educational opportunities.  Your contribution will ensure the continuation and growth of that provide student assistance and support, including scholarships.

The Adams 14 Education Foundation has benefited from the support of the Adams County School District 14 administrators and school board for nearly two decades.  Over the past 10 years, the Foundation has awarded over $300,000 in scholarships and has donated over $150,000 in direct grants to teachers and the Adams 14 school district. As most of the scholarship recipients are first-generation college students, the Foundation has a mentor program to give them the support they need to be successful.

Only 22% of students who attend Adams County School District 14 schools access post-secondary educational opportunities.  Our goal is to give 100% of students the potential and ability to further their education if they desire.  

A college degree adds about a million dollars to an individual’s lifetime earnings, but equal to financial success is the opportunity for students to realize their dreams and pursue lives they choose: to become professionals, contributors, and leaders of business and industry, and give back to the Commerce City community. Our ability to support our students as they strive toward these outcomes is what makes our work so valuable. 

Every member of our community benefits when our students’ success leads to higher standards of living, healthy families, and enhanced quality of life.  Developing Tomorrow's Talent starts with your investment and ends with a strong and thriving Commerce City.

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