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Funding the Unfunded Application

Funding the Unfunded Application

Paper applications must be typed and signed by the applicant and principal/supervisor. Electronic submission is considered signed, and the principal/supervisor must send separate email approval.

The application packet is not to exceed three pages including the budget. Applications are due on Monday, October 4th, 2022  5 P.M

If team, list all team members below. Enter N/A for the names.
First Name *
Last Name *
Applicant's Grade Level/Position
Phone Number
Project Title
Amount Requested (maximum of $1,000)
First Funding Application?
Please provide a concise project description, include project objectives and proposed activities.
What is the expected project period?
What are the students needs that this project will meet?
If this project is funded, how will you measure the impact of meeting student needs? Please write a measurable goal with criteria for measuring success of your project. (i.e., 90% of students will report satisfaction on end of project survey…..)
How many students will be served?
Is the project sustainable, extending beyond the project period?
Please complete and attach an itemized Funding the Unfunded budget form for your project. Please note this is an excel document and should be submitted electronically along with your application.
No file selected
Applicant's Signature
Principal/Supervisor's Signature: For electronic submission, please send an e-mail verifying your support.

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